Removal Of Tree Leaves Woman Angry And Upset

There is no denying that a great looking tree can brighten people’s moods and help people to feel cheerier about life. We can become used to certain things around our home and when these are removed, it can feel like a loss. This is the case for one woman in South Harrow who has been complaining about the removal of a tree from outside her home.

The local council, Harrow Council, has said that they acted in good faith. The council states that the tree was in danger of collapse and that it was infested with fungus. If this is the case, you can see why the council would want to carry out emergency work on the tree. The woman stated that there was nothing wrong with the tree, claiming that her son works as a tree surgeon and he was unaware of any issues with the tree.

The woman believes the council were wrong to act

Ms Savill, who said that she was “angry and upset” over the removal of the tree, spoke to local press in greater detail about the removal of a cherry tree from outside of her home. She said; “In my opinion they’ve cut the tree down because they needed to carry out work on the road and they thought it would be in the way. It was healthy and had only recently been in glorious bloom. That tree had been there for at least 60 years but, once it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s a horrible feeling.”

The woman also criticised the council for working very fast, claiming that she had no real time to make a complaint or halt the process. It is not often you will hear a complaint about councils working too quickly, the opposite is usually the case. Ms Savill was quoted as saying; “There was nothing saying that work was going to be carried out, and certainly no consultation. Before anyone could say anything, they’d cut it down.”

Harrow Council released a statement regarding the tree, saying; “While our contractor would normally put a notice up before removing a tree, this one needed to come down right away.” The council also stated that workmen who removed the tree spoke to Ms Savill prior to the felling. The council has stated that the process was explained and that the reasons for the felling had been fully explained.

It may be that Ms Savill didn’t understand the reasons or that the workers didn’t explain the process as best as they could have but it does seem as though there was a cross-communication at some point. There is no denying that people develop attachment to tress and losing these aspects from their home or local area can be quite distressing.

There are two very different and distinct sides to this story and it is difficult to say for certain who is right or wrong. However, this story shows the extent of emotions people have for trees around their home.


Tree Surgeon Fined After Tree Crashes On Parked Car

While there are many different parts of the job when you are a tree surgeon, there are some basic facts and matters that you need to remember. You should always have safety as the number one factor to consider, and this was not the case in Cornwall last year. In fact, it was very fortunate that no one was hurt in the incident which dated back to March of 2017, but which has recently gone through the Courts.

The case resulted in a contractor from Cornwall being fined because a tree fell into a public area, ultimately hitting a parked car. Tobias Smith, who trades as Truro Tree Services, was in Truro Magistrates Court when the story of him removing a large and mature cypress tree, which was in a private garden, was heard.

A tow rope attached to the work’s van was used as part of the process

The court heard how chainsaw cuts were made to the lower areas of the trunk and how ropes were attached to bring the tree down in an area that had been designated as a safe place. However, the tree didn’t fall, and Smith made the decision to lower the tree down using a tow rope which was attached to the company van.

This resulted in the tree falling but not in the direction it was intended to fall. Instead, the tree managed to veer off course by around 70 degrees, it managed to fall through a boundary wall, making its way across a public pavement and then the tree fell onto the roof of a parked car. As stated, no one was hurt in the incident but that was perhaps down to good fortune as opposed to any judgment or calculations!

The HSE found that Smith and his team were not qualified for the work

An investigation was undertaken by the Health and Safety Executive, the HSE, and it was found that Smith and this team didn’t hold sufficient qualifications or had not received suitable training to carry out this work. It was also found that Smith hadn’t identified the obvious hazards to the general public and to the contractors working on the job.

Naturally, the courts took a dim view of this and Smith was fined £615 while he was ordered to pay costs of £1,000. In many ways, Smith can count himself lucky that more serious damage didn’t take place and that no one was hurt because of his actions.

This reinforces the importance of undertaking tree surgeon work in a safe and appropriate manner. The consequences that can arise out of not following safety procedures or being competent in the role can have a huge impact.

HSE Inspector Paul Mannell released a statement saying; “This incident could so easily have been avoided by simply carrying out correct control measures and safe working practices. Companies should be aware that HSE will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action against those that fall below the required standards.”

Tree Replacement Service Will Lift Community Spirits


Although cutting down trees is a major part of the job for tree surgeons, it is a role that many within the sector are not happy with. You will find that most tree surgeons will do what they can to preserve a tree and make sure that it remains in place. This may see a tree surgeon pruning a tree or removing some limbs but there will be times when there is no other option but to remove a tree from a property or premises. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a tree surgeon must be happy about the process, but it is an action they must take.

However, one tree surgeon in Reigate has decided that he didn’t like the feeling that comes with cutting trees down. This has led Jake Shepherd to give something back to nature and in the middle of April, he made an application to the Reigate and Banstead Borough council. This move will allow Shepherd to plant trees in the green spaces and parks of the town.

School pupils have helped in the process

The first tree was planted on the 24th of April and pupils from Reigate Priory School, the same school that Shepherd attended as a child, helped. The overall aim is for the tree surgeon to replace every tree that he has cut down and he is doing this out of his own pocket. This is something that will likely catch the eye, and it is good to see a professional being proactive in caring for the environment, not just his own wallet or bank account.

Big plans for future tree growth in Reigate

Jake spoke to local press, saying; “I know the environment and that aspect of life is quite pressing at the moment and it concerns a lot of people, so I want to create something that’s going to be sustainable. For every tree I take out that’s over 30cm at chest height, I’m going to plant a tree in the local area to that tree within the green spaces of Reigate.”

This is exactly the sort of act that inspires others and it may be that other people in the local area will follow suit or do something similar. It can only be a positive thing to have people caring about their town so much and when it comes to creating a great atmosphere and environment, showing some local pride is a brilliant way to improve matters.

It would be fair to say that many tree surgeons have a healthy respect for their local area and the environment. This is a job where having an attachment to nature is likely to be of benefit, and you can see why many tree surgeons are inspired to act in a way that gives something back.

There is also the added financial incentive for the tree surgeon to keep trees in position as opposed to tearing them down but if trees have to be removed, it is likely that some good will come of it.

Tree Surgeons Taking A Bad Rap In Some Areas

No matter what industry you think of, it is likely that the actions of a few people or companies will colour your thoughts of that entire industry or professionals. While some professionals will think that this doesn’t impact on them or that it allows them to be a better provider than some of the companies on offer, there is a need to be aware of the negative impact it can have on the whole profession. You only must look at the way that professions like builders, plumbers, traffic wardens and lawyers are usually referred to by the workers at the lower end as opposed to those who offer a high standard of service.

There are many high-quality tree surgeons operating these days but the actions of one or two can cause huge problems for even the best professionals. Therefore, stories emanating from Potters Bar will have caused some tree surgeons a few worrying moments and maybe even a sleepless night or two. It appears that a tree surgeon has been criticised for an aggressive approach to promoting his services. In fact, the list of reasons people have for criticising the tree surgeon have been listed as:

  • Not taking no for an answer
  • Being unpleasant in dealings with the public
  • Being rude when dealing with the public
  • Blocking the road with his vehicle

These are all negative issues that impact on people. One resident contacted local media to complain about the professional. The homeowner has a “no cold callers” sign on their door but this did not deter the tree surgeon who even remained outside the door after they had been told to move on by homeowner.

Some residents have complained about an aggressive level of service

Another resident has said that the tree surgeon climbed over a hedge to engage her in discussion and debate about his attitude. It is no surprise to learn that the police have received complaints about the professional. A police spokesperson confirmed there had been a number of complaints and a statement has been released saying; “We had a call yesterday (Tuesday April 17) at around 6pm from a resident in The Walk, Potters Bar. A man offering tree services knocked and was quite intimidating and wouldn’t leave. He did eventually go and police were then called.”

This is the sort of behaviour that helps to form a negative impression. The clear majority of tree surgeons operate in an effective manner. In the modern day, it can be difficult t promote a company or offer services to customers, but there are guidelines on what is and what isn’t acceptable. The behaviour discussed by people and the police is clearly not in keeping with regulatory guidelines that any tree surgeon would adhere to.

It is a shame that there are some people who act in this manner, and of course, there is nothing to say that the person is a qualified tree surgeon, they could be a scammer. With spring finally here, people want to improve their garden and tree surgeons will be in high demand. This is the ideal time for scammers to try and make some money but hopefully there won’t be too much of an impact on professionals who work diligently.

Tree Surgeon Brings The Cat Down

The word hero may be overused these days but for many people, anyone that puts themselves at risk of injury or goes the extra mile to ensure that animals are well looked after is worthy of praise and positive attention. This is the story surrounding a tree surgeon in Portadown who ensured that a cat was rescued after it had been stuck in a tree in People’s Park for a number of days. There are many reasons why cats bound up trees with great glee and excitement but there are also numerous reasons as to why a cat will get up there and then find themselves unable to get back down.

A resident had noticed that the cat had been stuck in the tree for a number of days and even though a number of people had attempted to entice the cat down, the feline remained in its lofty position. The resident contacted the NI Fire and Rescue Service only to be told that rescuing cats was no longer within the remit of the organisation. There is an argument to be said that the funding provided to the organisation should be put to better use than rescuing animals but there will be many people who disagree with this, saying that limited funds should be kept for emergencies and more pressing matters.

A nearby river added to the concern

A significant issue regarding the cat was the fact that the tree was located very close to the river, with a branch dangling out over the water. The branch was located far too high for most people to reach it and the resident issued a plea for help online. After a few days, a tree surgeon came across the request and decided that this was something within their remit and scope to help. Peter Boyd saw the post on Facebook and decided that the Easter period was a bit too dull for his liking, deciding to act and save the cat.

The tree surgeon completed his shift during the day as normal and then made his way to Portadown, arriving very late in the evening. With very little light and howling rain, you would be forgiven for thinking that most professionals would have left the work until the morning, but the tree surgeon decided that as he was on the premises, it was best just to get on with the job. Peter Body rigged up the required ropes and harnesses and then set up climbing the tree and coaxing the cat back down.

One final hitch before the mission was completed

Thankfully, the process went well, although there was a slight hitch on the descent. Peter got tangled in the ropes slightly, and the cat decided to venture off onto another branch. This branch was much closer to the ground and the cat managed to complete the journey back to the ground of its own accord, completing the safety mission to resident’s relief.

This isn’t your standard day at the office for a tree surgeon, but it is an issue that comes up regularly. You’ll also find that as more fire services stop providing this service, it will become an area of work for more tree surgeons.


Tree Surgeons Have Difficult Roles

When it comes to working as a tree surgeon, there are many known dangers and risks associated with the job. Professionals often must work at great heights and the equipment can be dangerous if it is not used correctly. In this regard, being a tree surgeon is not a job for the faint-hearted, but there are other issues and problems that can make the job more difficult than it would seem.

Sometimes there will be emotional issues for people to deal with and this has been reinforced by a case in Eastbourne. One resident is extremely angry with the local council after a tree surgeon was sent to a property to remove a tree. The tree surgeon had been sent without consultation with the property owner and the tree held emotional and sentimental reasons.

Mike Ledgerwood, who is 76 years old, spoke to local media saying;” I’m fighting against them chopping the tree down. It’s been there for 20 years. My beloved wife Susan planted it there when we came here. The birds feed off it. They have sent a tree surgeon to my home without consulting me to not only trim my tree but to chop it down. “

Sometimes the tree isn’t the most important issue

Mr Ledgerwood also spoke to local media about the incident and the fact that the local council has said that they may still remove the tree at some point in the future. “I’m really angry, we have been here all these years and have an unblemished record as tenants. I’m at my wit’s end.”

The property owner has threatened to tie himself to the tree until there is a resolution to the problem. There is no doubt that the tree holds significance to Mr Ledgerwood but as is often the case, there is more than one side to the story. Yes, the fact that it was planted by the man’s late wife and various family pets have been buried under the tree makes an argument for the retention of the tree. However, the fact that the tree causes problems for other property owners means that there is also an argument to remove the tree or at least pare it back in some way.

Sometimes there is a need for emotional support

The local council issued a statement to local media stating that the tree has been pared back and that they will consult with the property owner in the future if any further work is required. The statement read; “We understand the sentimental attachment Mr Ledgerwood has with this tree. The tree has not been removed or cut down. “It has been cut back this week to avoid any further damage to the property and we will consult with him on how this will be managed in the long-term.”

While there are many happy moments for tree surgeons in their role, there can also be difficult moments. When personal emotions come into play, your everyday job can be challenging, and it is important that tree surgeons act in the right manner, although it is often a struggle to say what is right or wrong.

Excessive Work Sees Tree Surgeon Fined

If you are a tree surgeon or you have an interest in the industry, you know the importance of Tree Preservation Orders, or TPOs. However, it appears many professionals in the industry don’t pay attention to these orders or decide against following correct procedure. This can be seen in the continual fines and penalties imposed on tree surgeons who carry out work that is opposed by a TPO.

There are times when the work that has been carried out is completely against a TPO. There are also times when the work that has been carried out is deemed to be excessive. This was the story in Chelmsford Magistrates Court recently when two men were found guilty of “causing or permitting works to the two trees” without proper authorisation. The work has carried out in Abridge back in June of 2017 and there had been no authorisation provided by Epping Forest District Council.

The local council has problems with work carried out

While permission had been granted for a limited amount of work to be carried out, an investigation by inspectors found that the branches on the two trees had been cut back excessively. A statement provided by the local council said; “This ultimately caused serious damage to both trees and increases the risk of decay. No consent would have been given for the extent of the work carried out.”

There was a fine of £440 for each tree for March Wright and Danny Swift was fined £660 for each tree. Both men involved were ordered to make a contribution towards the prosecution costs incurred by the council, with this amounting to £600.

Tree surgeons often have different opinions

There will likely be a difference of opinion about the outcome of this case. After all, if the order was that no work should be carried out on the tree and work was carried out, this is a clear breach and there isn’t much if an argument to put forward by the accused parties. However, when it comes to an order when work is permitted, you can see why some people would struggle to know where to stop.

It may be that there was a clear definition of what work could and couldn’t be carried out, and if there was, it would be a simple case. However, these rulings are often quite vague and what one tree surgeon defines as being necessary, another tree surgeon may find to be excessive. A lot of tree surgeons have different opinions on the level of work that needs to be carried out to resolve a matter, and this is another cause for confusion and uncertainty.

There may be some people saying that the sums involved with the fine aren’t that high, and could have been worse, but for professionals, any fine can be harmful. This is certainly a sum of money that could cause major problems for a tree surgeon, and it should act as another reminder of the importance of having permission before carrying out work.

Tree Surgeons Helps Save Parrot

Each animal has its own attributes and qualities that help it to lead their life in the best possible manner. Over time, an animal may evolve new traits or characteristics, particularly based on their surroundings, but there are some factors that you consider to be instrumental when it comes to the behaviour and general activity of an animal, creature or a mammal. After all, when you think about a bird, many things may come to mind, but it is likely you will think about how it can fly, and what a fantastic attribute this is to have in life.

However, there are times when a bird cannot do what comes naturally to them, and they may need help from people. This is what happened recently when a pet parrot was stuck at the top of a large tree. You would think that the parrot would have just flown to safety, and in most circumstances, this is what would have happened, but it couldn’t happen on this occasion because the parrot had damaged its feathers, rendering it unable to fly to safely.

Sometimes birds need help at high altitude

This sort of situation can have a massive impact and when it looked as though the parrot was also bleeding, it was clear that action had to be taken to assist the bird. This was when a tree surgeon was called upon to help Zasu the parrot who was discovered in a tree after escaping from their family residence in Urmston.

The pet’s owner first of called a tree surgeon and the RSPCA but it was found that more significant help was required to reach the bird. This led to a call to the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. The tree was so tall that a cherry picker was required in to reach Zasu. Thankfully there was a happy ending to the tale in that the bird survived and is now on the mend, but it shows the sort of jobs that a tree surgeon may end up having to do.

A tree surgeon must carry out a wide range of work

There is extensive training involved with becoming a tree surgeon and the clear majority of this training will focus on analysing the health of trees and how to work in a safe and effective manner. However, there will be times when a tree surgeon must aid in other ways and this is definitely the sort of thing that requires outside of the box training.

You’ll find that most tree surgeons are able to offer flexibility in dealing with situations and this is down to the fact that they have so many possible roles to take care of. There are no two days on the job that are the same for tree surgeons, which is certainly something that helps to keep the role exciting and interesting. Not every day sees tree surgeons helping parrots, but it isn’t that uncommon in the grand scheme of things.





TV Star Plays Role In Saving Tree

When it comes to local campaigns or projects that impact on a community, there are many ways in which you can raise attention or get more people involved. However, it seems as though the easiest way to make an impact is to call on the services of a celebrity or TV star. In the modern era, social media is at the heart of so many people’s lives, and people in the public eye have an excellent reach with respect to getting stories out or helping more people learn about a situation or issue.

This has been seen recently with the news that a local tree, which has been described as much loved, has been granted with a temporary reprieve. Many residents have been pushing for the tree to be saved but it seems as though the intervention of Chris Packham, a TV star, has made a big difference to the overall campaign. The tree, a weeping ash, located in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight is more than 100 hundred years old. As you’d expect, you don’t clock up a century without dealing with some issues and it seems as though the tree was being prepared for the chop due to issues with fungus.

Tree could cause harm to people

A major issue for the local council is that the tree has been deemed to have a likely breakage, classed as imminent, and this limb sits over a bench. This is exactly the sort of problem that a council would want to avoid. The local highways authority, Island Roads, have stated their intention to remove the tree although they have also said they wold undertake detailed examinations of the tree at a later date.

However, the TV star, best known for nature programmes, made an impassioned plea on Twitter. Packham said that “Trees aren’t for councils, they’re for life. Long life, many lives, the lives of many things.” He then implored local authority personnel to repair the tree as opposed to hauling it down and it seems as though his message has been heard.

Local support and tree surgeon findings back the tree

The tree is referred to as the umbrella tree in the local area and there has been a growing campaign to back the tree. One show of support has seen dozens of ribbons being attached to tree, which has helped indicate the level of public support for the tree. Perhaps more importantly, there has also been the findings of a tree surgeon, acting upon instruction of residents, who stated that the tree posed “no immediate danger to the public.” This has been seized as positive news by the campaigners but it appears as though the Council in the Isle of Wight don’t quite agree with the findings of the report.

The council says that the report has “misidentified” the real issue, the “heart rot fungi” and it is this that is placing the stability of the tree into question. There is hope that the tree can be moved to a safer location as opposed to being felled, but the debate is ongoing.


Stormy Conditions Provide Opportunity For Tree Surgeon Scammers

One of the most annoying things about frauds and swindles is that they often come at a time when people are already feeling low or facing difficulties. There are many fraudsters who know exactly when to strike in order to capitalise on people’s misfortunes or take action at a time when they are most likely to succeed. The challenging weather conditions of late have caused many problems for businesses and homeowners, but sadly, this has created the situation for fraudsters to earn quick and easy money.

A recent example of this has arisen in Ireland where the local police have issued a warning to the public about what they refer to as “storm swindlers”. The Gardai have responded to an incident which took place in Claremorris with an elderly couple being swindled out of close to 1,000 euros. This was down to a gang posing as tree surgeons who said they would do some work in the wake of the recent storms.

A gang of scammers caused problems

It was Storm Fionn that caused the damage. This incident saw four males operating from a white Transit van, with the van having “Tree Surgeons” emblazoned across it. The men were offering to remove overhanging trees which they claimed to be posing a danger. The real twist in the tale came with the men offering a discount of 500 euros to do the work then if the couple paid in cash.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is

This action should set alarm bells ringing. However, the chance to save money and having an issue resolved as quickly as possible is very appealing and you can see why people would like to take advantage of this style of offer. A deal was agreed and work was undertaken but before too long, the “tree surgeons” requested a further 400 euros, again in cash, so that they could hire equipment. This equipment hire would ensure that the work could be carried out faster and in a safer manner. The men also claimed that the scale of the task was much bigger than initially thought.

Then men took the cash but never returned, leading the couple to raise an official complaint with a matter of days. While the police are working on this issue, they have also issued a warning to people to not be fooled by this sort of offer. The aftermath of a storm can be upsetting and there is often a need for work to be carried out quickly and efficiently, which means that this sort of assistance is appealing. However, in the long term, succumbing to this sort of problem only causes more problems and heartache for people.

With other local police forces in Ireland citing similar complaints, it appears that there are many problems of this nature across the country. This should serve as a warning to people in the UK who may receive an offer like this.