Tree Surgeon Scales Great Heights

While the majority of work undertaken by tree surgeons is to ensure the safety of trees and surrounding areas, there are times when these professionals are called upon to do other jobs. The skills that a tree surgeon has, which includes climbing trees and being able to work safely at great distances, can be utilised in other ways and this was the case recently when RSPCA Cymru called on the services of one local tree surgeon.

Lee Symes runs his own tree surgeon company and he hails from Blaenavon. He was called on by the local RSPCA to rescue a cat which was stuck up a 50 foot tree in New In. A member of the public had spotted the cat in the tree on Sunday the 13th of August and very quickly there was a call to action, and before you know it, a tree surgeon was making his way up the tree.
This wasn’t a quick job, with Symes spending 90 minutes up the tree safely removing the cat. Thankfully the cat was rescued and after an inspection from a local vet, it appears that the cat is doing well. The inspection also managed to uncover a microchip which made it possible to contact the owner, who came along to collect the cat and take it home. This story should also act as a reminder for pet owners to have their pets chipped if at all possible. Hopefully the information will never be needed but if it is, it can save a lot of time, hassle and heartache.

A Sunday service provides quick help

The fact that the tree surgeon attended on a Sunday indicates the level of service that many professionals offer and this is certainly something that people are thankful for. You are not going to class a tree surgeon as a professional who operates in the emergency services but there will be times when a tree surgeon is called out at short notice and in an emergency. While a tree surgeon is entitled to their downtime as much as any professional, this is an area of work where a swift response is often needed, and this is why it is good to know that there are tree surgeons who will operate quickly if required.

The tree surgeon, Lee Symes, spoke to local media saying; “This was certainly one of the more unusual jobs I’ve done. We’re happy we could help a cat in the local community.” There is definitely a great deal to be said for being flexible and having skills that can be utilised in a number of ways. When tree surgeons train for the role, it is unlikely that rescuing cats will be at the front of their mind but it is a story that crops up on occasion. You will sometimes find that it is professionals from the fire service that rescue cats from a great height but if you’re looking for a reliable service from an expert who is confident in dealing with trees and great heights, you will find that a tree surgeon is the ideal professional to call on.

Mystery Tree Surgeon Acting In Slough

There is no denying that many people consider tree surgeon to be an exciting job. You get to work with some exciting (and dangerous) equipment, you can work at heights and if you are looking for a role that will always be in demand, a tree surgeon is as good a job as any other. Not everyone is going to be cut out for working in this manner but it would be fair to say that a lot of people would love the chance to serve as a tree surgeon, even just for a day or two.

Of course, there is a need for tree surgeons to be professional and to have proper qualifications. This can be a very dangerous role if you don’t know what you are doing, so most people should steer clear of being a tree surgeon. This is why the appearance of a “mystery person” who has been posing as a tree surgeon in Slough is causing concern. The person has been operating in Upton Court Park and has cut down a number of mature willows and oaks in the park. A warning has been issued by the council in the light of six trees, which have been classed as “substantial” were knocked down.

It transpires that the person has been using a chainsaw and research into the work indicates that this has been carried out by a professional and not, in the words of the council, by “kids mucking about”. The council has also asked that if anyone sees someone felling a tree in the park, the police should be contacted.

The person may look like a council worker

One issue comes with the fact that there is a suspicion that the person working in this manner may have a high-visibility jacket and clothing that looks similar to the ones worn by council staff. This means a member of the public is likely to assume that a park official is carrying out the work and will think nothing about the process.

The first instance in this wave occurred around six months ago and it was hoped that this was a one-off at the time. However, a stack of logs have been found in the park area and the council has raised fears that the person who has been cutting down the trees have been doing so in order to sell on the wood.

The fact that someone is going around the park with a chainsaw is definitely a concern when it comes to public safety. There is nothing to suggest that the person cutting down trees would do anything dangerous around people but with an unauthorised person acting in this manner, it is important that all steps are being taken care of and all issues are planned for.

There is no denying that many people would love to be a tree surgeon but this is a profession for people who get qualifications and work their way through the process in a correct manner. Cutting trees is fun but it should be left to the experts.

Tree Surgeon Called Into Action After Blackburn Tree Falls

A family in Blackburn had a very fortunate escape after a tree trunk fell onto a spot where they had just parked their vehicle. This happened in Corporation Park with the tree falling in Park East Road in the city. The family of three had just parked their car but moved it after they realised they were initially parked on double yellow lines. The car was moved forward with the intention of avoiding a fine for being parked on these lines but in the end, it may have saved the family members from serious injury.

Shezmeen Munshi was out with her husband Azaz Chanda and their son Mousa Chanda when the incident happened. The tree trunk was around 30 feet long and it managed to block both sides of the road. There was notable damage to the railings of the park and a nearby wall, and this left the family in doubt that if the tree had fallen on them, they would have been at serious risk of injury.

Family had lucky escape after tree collapses

The family was in the park because their son Mousa wanted to feed the ducks which can be found in Corporation Park. This is a popular activity for many families so this is a stretch of road that will often see many people on it. This suggests that the incident could have been a lot worse, and this should serve as a reminder that it is important to be proactive with respect to the condition of trees.

The tree may have looked in good condition and that there was nothing to be alarmed about, but the fact that a tree could fall with no prior warning should be of concern. The council have arranged for a tree surgeon to come out and review the tree but there should be a thorough review of all of the trees in the local area. While there has been notable damage in the local area, this is a situation that could have been significantly worse, so in that regard, it was a lucky outcome. If a review of the trees in the local area raises any concerns, it should be take action and remove the risk of any further incidents arising. This is definitely something that has to be acted upon sooner rather than later.

A local councillor has promised to raise the issue and ensure that something is done about it. Cllr Hussain Akhtar has promised to enlist the tree surgeon employed by the council to run through a survey of trees in Corporation Park and make sure that there are no other trees in the local area which are at risk of collapsing. The councillor also cited a recent incident in Preston New Road, and this highlights concerns that there may be a number of issues with trees in the local area.

It is always best to be proactive when it comes to caring for trees and hopefully work undertaken in the light of this recent incident will improve safety in the local area.

Tree Surgeons Bring Busy Road To A Halt

You know that a problem must be serious when a local council is willing to take action over it. You also know that the problem must be extremely serious if a local council authority is willing to take action that will see people affected, routines disrupted and a busy road brought to a standstill. By and large, local councils would prefer to keep the status quo in place and if they can go about their business without bringing attention to themselves, all the better.

This indicates the issues that were affecting the town centre of Cheltenham that led to a team of tree surgeons being hired to cut back large trees. The affected area was Bayshill Road, one of the busiest roads in the local area, due to the fact that it connects to the junction located on St George’s Road. The road was blocked off from the town centre side to enable work to be carried out.

A team of tree surgeons carried out work

There were a number of professionals working in the area with one tree surgeon positioned up one of the larger trees. He was using a chain saw to remove large parts of the tree while colleagues working on the ground were then chopping up into smaller sections. While the work only took a couple of hours, it indicates the level of importance of the job when you take on board how many people were involved, and how much of an impact there was on the local community.

Diversions were put into place so hopefully there wasn’t too much disruption for the local community but clearly there was a concern about the condition of the trees and what would happen if they were to fall. There have been a number of stories across local media of late telling of falling trees and cars being smashed. A local council knows that this sort of incident can cost them a lot of money, not to mention a lot of bad-will from people, so it usually best to be proactive in these matters.

It is fair to say that a tree surgeon will do their best to keep a tree in place, which is why they will decide to remove large parts of the tree but still keep as much of the tree in place as they can. Unless a tree has to be removed, you’ll find tree surgeons doing what they can to provide an alternative solution or offer a workaround.

In this regard, while there was a day of inconvenience for many people in the local area, it is hoped that the outcome will be worth it. While the council has not provided any information as to the actual condition of the trees in the area, it would be fair to say that there was a pressing concern or need for action to be action.  After all, a local authority is unlikely to enlist the services of a tree surgeon unless they really have to!

Tree Surgeon Makes The Wrong Call

While a lot of people think the idea of being a tree surgeon is a fun job, there is  no denying that there is a great deal of responsibility and often a touch of danger. There is often times when you have to work at heights, you are often dealing with tress that weigh a considerable lot and when you consider the cutting tools that a tree surgeon works with, health and safety is clearly a very important issue of their working routine. However, a tree surgeon knows that they have to make appraisals quickly and correctly, and if they make the wrong call, they can end up with a lot of criticism.

A tree surgeon is always going to do what they can to keep a tree in position. If a tree is healthy, a tree surgeon will recommend that it should stay in place, perhaps with some modifications taking place. If no problems arise, no one remembers that the tree surgeon was involved in the process. However, if a tree surgeon makes the call that a tree is good to remain in place, and a problem arises, then the tree surgeon comes in for a great deal of criticism and undue pressure. This is something that tree surgeons have to deal with and it gives them something else to think about when they are making big decisions.

Dead tree crushes cars

A situation in Basildon recently shows the problems that can arise when a tree surgeon makes a call that turns out to the incorrect decision. This is because a dead tree, which had previously been declared safe by a council approved tree surgeon, came down on two cars. The tree collapsed on to the cars, crushing them both, causing one of the trees to be written off while the other car has been badly damaged.

The owner of the car that was just badly damaged saw the tree falling from inside her home. When an incident like this happens, there is always a reaction to think about what might have been. This was an area that is often busy with children playing or heading home from school. In this regard, it was perhaps fortunate that the incident happened on a Sunday afternoon, although of course, there is rarely a positive time for trees to fall down and crash into vehicles.

Eye-witnesses who saw the tree after it had fallen down claimed that it was obvious that the tree was dead on the inside but of course, it is very easy to be wise after the event. There is no denying that the tree surgeon will be asked questions about their findings and whether they were negligent in their work or if this was just one of their things. At this point in time, the vehicle owners are dealing with the local council, and it is believed that the local council’s insurance will have to deal with the claims. It would be interesting to see if the local council then attempts to divert any financial burden on to the tree surgeon who passed the tree fit previously.

Tree Surgeons Ensure Polling Goes On

It would be fair to say that the build-up to the General Election of 2017 didn’t run too smoothly for many of the parties and of course, the fall-out of the results will likely rumble on for a very long time. Calling a snap General Election is the sort of thing that you should only do if you are confident about the outcome but of course, many unforeseen things can happen which change the way that the whole thing pans out. There will be a few people ruminating on that this morning but an advance warning sign of unpredictable issues impacting on voting intentions would have been found in South Norwood.

This is because a leisure centre in the area, which was being used as a polling station in the General Election had to be closed off for a while. This is because a tree fell onto a vehicle that was located outside of the building. There was a need for quick action and it didn’t take too long for police officers to attend, and arrange for a tree surgeon to arrive at the scene. There was a need to have the tree cut up and removed as quickly as possible, and this incident couldn’t have happened at a worse time given the importance of the location for the local vote.

News of the incident spread quickly

Given the way that social media runs people’s lives these days, it was no surprise to learn that news about the tree falling spread like wildfire. One witness, Julian Oram, managed to send a tweet questioning whether the tree crashing down should be seen as an omen when it comes to the polling station and the election overall. Your thoughts on that probably owe a lot to your perceptions of the vote but a lot of people would have held similar thoughts.

Thankfully, the leisure centre quickly confirmed that no one had been hurt due to the tree falling and the centre also confirmed that polling had not been impacted on in any way. This is another area where social media can be good and bad. It was important to get the word out about the polling station being unaffected, and social media is the ideal platform to share news like this. However, when pictures started to be shared of the tree outside of the leisure centre, it allowed for mischievous people to claim that polling was halted. Hopefully no one was deterred by any of the confusion that may have arisen in the wake of the incident.

While dealing with fallen trees and making areas safe is all in a day’s work for tree surgeons, this incident may have called for a slightly more urgent response. This is why it is vital that tree surgeons are found in all manner of locations, including inner city areas. Yes, you may associate tree surgeons with the countryside or dealing with gardens and domestic issues but wherever there are trees, there is a need for tree surgeons to be around.

Sheffield’s Great Trees Are Up For Awards

It may be that you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about trees or what makes a great tree. It can be all too easy to pass trees by without a second thought, particularly if you have seen the same trees for years. However, there has been an ongoing row in Sheffield over tree felling and this has caused an upsurge in the volume of people who are talking about trees and action is being taken to capitalise on this debate and discussion. This is the backdrop for the Great Trees of Sheffield 2017 event that aims to find the best trees in the city.

Members of the public have been able to nominate their favourite trees in the city and the winners were decided by a team of judges with the event hosted at Sheffield Hallam University. This could be the sort of quirky event that gets publicity and then fades away quite quickly but it does look as though there has been a good level of interest in the competition. With celebrities like Jarvis Cocker and Chris Packham supposedly nominating trees, the event which has been organised by “tree hunter” Rob McBride appears to have been well received. It should be notes that the term “tree hunter” is one that McBride has given himself and you do wonder what his daily activities are if he feels that tree hunter is a term that describes him sufficiently!

Celebrity endorsements have increased awareness of this situation

The issue started when the Streets Ahead Initiative led by Sheffield City Council recommended that thousands of trees in the city should be felled. The aim of the project is to provide the city with a better standard of roads, street lighting, pavements and bridges; with a lot of work being lined up over a 25 year period. However, this would have seen a number of trees chopped down and as you would expect, this saw a number of people up in arms. It has never been easier to stage a protest and gather people around a cause, and there has been strong opposition to this work. There has even been a number of arrests due to protestors preventing contractors from going about their daily work.

The city council has said that for every tree that is removed during this process, there will be a replacement tree put in place. Sheffield City Council say they are committed to replacing trees on a “one for one” basis and that they believe more than 600 trees will be planted during this period. This is a good commitment but of course, if people have grown attached to trees or consider a tree to be part of their local community, it is likely that will be unhappy with anything that the council proposes to do in this field.

If this event helps to make people more aware of trees and their importance in a local community, all the better.

Rogue Tree Surgeons Are A Concern

One of the problems that blight a number of industries actually has nothing to do with the organisation or industry at all. This is because some scammers or fraudsters see an opportunity to make money and decide to latch on to the industry and take money from people who are duped by their presence. This is something that has been common in many roles involving the service industry and manual labour, and sadly, there have been incidents of rogue tree surgeons scamming residents out of their money.

The problem with this sort of situation is that some people in the general public will start to develop a negative association with tree surgeons. This would be harsh as the genuine tree surgeons, with qualifications and experience doesn’t deserve to be linked in with these criminals but you can see why people would make an assumption.

An 82 year old woman was scammed by rogue tree surgeons

A recent incident has occurred in Shoebury and an 82 year old woman has been scammed out of money by people claiming to be tree surgeons. The process started when flyers and leaflets were posted through doors in the local area offering the service. Essex Police believe that the firms listed on the leaflets are being used as a front by local criminals.

The elderly woman received the leaflet through her door and contacted the phone number listed on the flyer. She then received a visit from someone claiming to be a consultant and she was informed that the cost of pruning the tree would be £450. The woman immediately said that she wasn’t interested in the service at this price but the consultant made it clear he wasn’t going to leave the garden until a price had been agreed.

This left the woman feeling as though she was being intimidated into agreeing. There have been many instances of pressurised sales force over the years and this is where the line between bad business behaviour and criminal activity becomes blurred. In industries like double glazing or boiler services, there have been a lot of complaints about the high pressure sales tactics employed by professionals. It is often difficult for people to tell the difference between bad business behaviour and actual criminal behaviour.

After a fee of £280 was agreed, seven men turned up at the home and in the words of the woman, hacked the tree to pieces in a way that a qualified tree surgeon wouldn’t. The job was complete in around twenty minutes, leaving more of a mess than there had been in the first place.

It is essential that people should be aware that there are rogue traders operating as tree surgeons but equally, it is vital that people know that there are many professional and trustworthy tree surgeons operating in the industry. It is essential that tree surgeon firms that can be relied upon do what they can to ensure customers know who can be trusted and relied upon for all tree surgeon work.

Complaints Over Tree Felling

Whenever development work is taking place, you can guarantee that there will always be people looking out to see if there is any reason to stop the work being undertaken. Even though there is a dire need for new homes and property all across the United Kingdom, there will always be reasons for people and individuals to halt progress on a particular piece of work. This is why any developer undertaking work needs to know that they have full legal permission to work on the land and to take steps in changing the landscape.
There was an issue in Cornwall recently when local residents decided to intervene in development work taking place on Vinery Meadow. The issue started when residents heard chainsaws and the sound of branches falling, which immediately gave people the opportunity to question if the work was valid. The local council was contacted and it was only then that people were informed that consent had been provided for tree surgeons to work in the area. There are protected Monterey pine trees in this meadow but proper planning permission had been sought and then granted.
While the application had been made to fell the tree, permission was granted to allow dead wood to be removed from the crown initially and then a further review of the tree could be undertaken. The tree surgeon carrying out the work spoke to local press and said that the tree was in a very poor condition. It was decided that as the tree was falling and that there wasn’t a great deal of safe areas in the tree left, it was best to take the full tree down, removing it from the area.

A tree surgeon looks to protect trees

A tree surgeon is always going to do their best to keep a healthy tree in place so if the tree surgeon is recommending that the tree be removed, it is clearly in poor health or likely to present a danger to the general public. This is likely to be the basis of the next application to the council which could see the trees being removed. This sort of story will always cause debate and discussion. There will be local residents who claim that the condition of the tree appears to be convenient, allowing developers to remove a tree that causes them trouble or is a hindrance to their plans. Healthy trees should be protected but if there is an issue with a tree or there could be problems to come, it is vital that steps are taken to make the area safe.
This style of story is a strong reminder for tree surgeons and people operating in this field that their work isn’t as straightforward as it should be. A tree surgeon should be focused on the condition of the tree and the impact on the local environment but there are often many factors involved with an application to remove limbs and branches from a tree. This could be a story that runs and runs.

Spring Tree Care Steps To Follow

While hiring the services of a tree surgeon is a sensible step in caring for trees on your property, there is a need for people to be proactive in looking after their property. There are often issues with trees that cannot be seen easily, which is why calling on an expert makes sense, but if you want to minimise the extent of damage to your trees or you are keen to care for your property in a proactive manner, there is a lot to look out for.

When weather starts to turn to spring, many homeowners undertake a spring cleaning, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to cleaning inside your home. You can set your property up for spring and summer by cleaning around your tree. If you used any winter decorations, or you used covers to protect your tree trunks, this is the time of year to remove these.

Look at the base of your tree

You should also look to see if there is any debris gathered around the base of the tree. Leaves, fallen fruit and even twigs may not seem like too much of a problem but if left in place, they can cause problems, particularly for trees that are susceptible to fungal diseases.

However, you should be looking to add a layer of mulch around your trees if you can. The benefits of mulch come with helping the soil to retain its moisture and it also plays a role in suppressing weeds. This is a great step to take if you are caring for young trees but all tress can benefit from this sort of activity.

If the soil is still frozen, there isn’t much point in watering the soil because it will only lead to a run-off. When the soil starts to thaw, this is the time to water your trees ensuring that the trees don’t dry out. If the weather is warm or the temperature is dry, you should look to water your soil on a regular basis.

Pruning your tree is a smart move

Before the end of winter, you should consider pruning your trees as many experts suggest that the period of winter dormancy is the ideal time to do so. However, any broken, damaged or dead branches can be removed in spring time.

Inspecting your tree or trees is an important task and if you have the time and inclination to study the topic, you should do so. However, many people don’t have the time or required level of interest to study this topic so it may be something that is best left to the professionals. Being proactive and calling on the services of an expert can make a massive difference when it comes to getting the very best from your garden.

With so many pests and diseases to be aware of, it can be a difficult task to stay on top of the damage that can harm a tree, so a helping hand always makes sense.