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Tree Surgeon Looks To Smash World Record

No matter what you do for a living or what you want to achieve with your life, you should always look to be the best that you can be. There are some professions and sectors that lend themselves to fame, glamour and recognition more than other but this doesn’t mean that people will never get a chance to stand in the sun for a day or two.

You may not think that there are many ways in which tree surgeons can make themselves known as being the best in the world but there is a tree surgeon from Carmarthenshire who is looking to break a world record. Dyfrig Gibbs isn’t just doing this for the glory and glamour that goes along with being a record holder, he is looking to raise sponsorship funds that will assist his dreams of becoming a pilot.

In order to raise funds, Gibbs is going to attempt to plant as many trees as possible in a 24 hour non-step session. If he is to reach his target, he will plant over 8,000 Douglas Fir trees, which will be some going. This is great for him but it is also something that will have an impact on the local community and the wider environment, so there are plenty of benefits to be gained from this action.

Charity will benefit from the attempt too

Another very strong benefit is that will 50% of the funds will go towards the cost of his Private Pilots Licence, the remaining half of the money raised will be making its way to a very worthwhile charity. Gibbs currently runs a forestry business with his father so if anyone is going to know a thing or two about trees and how to plant them quickly and effectively, it will be him.

Many people associate tree surgeons with the removal of trees or taking them down, but it should be remembered that tree surgeons are more interested in preserving trees and ensuring that there is a healthy life for these trees. The company, Future Forests, has developed an excellent reputation in the local area, and the industry, for planning over 500,000 trees on the hillsides of Wales.

There will naturally be some people unhappy at the thought of funding one person’s dream but for the charitable aspect and the additional trees being planted in the area, there will be a line of people wanting to help out. It may not be the most exciting or headline grabbing world record but it is one that will be relevant to tree surgeons across the country and the world.

In fact, if the attempt is a success, you will hopefully find many other professionals will attempt to do the same, which could create a lot of awareness about the work of tree surgeons. Anything which shows another side to the profession and reinforces the fact that it is not just about chopping down trees will be a good thing for all concerned.