Complaints Over Tree Felling

Whenever development work is taking place, you can guarantee that there will always be people looking out to see if there is any reason to stop the work being undertaken. Even though there is a dire need for new homes and property all across the United Kingdom, there will always be reasons for people and individuals to halt progress on a particular piece of work. This is why any developer undertaking work needs to know that they have full legal permission to work on the land and to take steps in changing the landscape.
There was an issue in Cornwall recently when local residents decided to intervene in development work taking place on Vinery Meadow. The issue started when residents heard chainsaws and the sound of branches falling, which immediately gave people the opportunity to question if the work was valid. The local council was contacted and it was only then that people were informed that consent had been provided for tree surgeons to work in the area. There are protected Monterey pine trees in this meadow but proper planning permission had been sought and then granted.
While the application had been made to fell the tree, permission was granted to allow dead wood to be removed from the crown initially and then a further review of the tree could be undertaken. The tree surgeon carrying out the work spoke to local press and said that the tree was in a very poor condition. It was decided that as the tree was falling and that there wasn’t a great deal of safe areas in the tree left, it was best to take the full tree down, removing it from the area.

A tree surgeon looks to protect trees

A tree surgeon is always going to do their best to keep a healthy tree in place so if the tree surgeon is recommending that the tree be removed, it is clearly in poor health or likely to present a danger to the general public. This is likely to be the basis of the next application to the council which could see the trees being removed. This sort of story will always cause debate and discussion. There will be local residents who claim that the condition of the tree appears to be convenient, allowing developers to remove a tree that causes them trouble or is a hindrance to their plans. Healthy trees should be protected but if there is an issue with a tree or there could be problems to come, it is vital that steps are taken to make the area safe.
This style of story is a strong reminder for tree surgeons and people operating in this field that their work isn’t as straightforward as it should be. A tree surgeon should be focused on the condition of the tree and the impact on the local environment but there are often many factors involved with an application to remove limbs and branches from a tree. This could be a story that runs and runs.