Mystery Tree Surgeon Acting In Slough

There is no denying that many people consider tree surgeon to be an exciting job. You get to work with some exciting (and dangerous) equipment, you can work at heights and if you are looking for a role that will always be in demand, a tree surgeon is as good a job as any other. Not everyone is going to be cut out for working in this manner but it would be fair to say that a lot of people would love the chance to serve as a tree surgeon, even just for a day or two.

Of course, there is a need for tree surgeons to be professional and to have proper qualifications. This can be a very dangerous role if you don’t know what you are doing, so most people should steer clear of being a tree surgeon. This is why the appearance of a “mystery person” who has been posing as a tree surgeon in Slough is causing concern. The person has been operating in Upton Court Park and has cut down a number of mature willows and oaks in the park. A warning has been issued by the council in the light of six trees, which have been classed as “substantial” were knocked down.

It transpires that the person has been using a chainsaw and research into the work indicates that this has been carried out by a professional and not, in the words of the council, by “kids mucking about”. The council has also asked that if anyone sees someone felling a tree in the park, the police should be contacted.

The person may look like a council worker

One issue comes with the fact that there is a suspicion that the person working in this manner may have a high-visibility jacket and clothing that looks similar to the ones worn by council staff. This means a member of the public is likely to assume that a park official is carrying out the work and will think nothing about the process.

The first instance in this wave occurred around six months ago and it was hoped that this was a one-off at the time. However, a stack of logs have been found in the park area and the council has raised fears that the person who has been cutting down the trees have been doing so in order to sell on the wood.

The fact that someone is going around the park with a chainsaw is definitely a concern when it comes to public safety. There is nothing to suggest that the person cutting down trees would do anything dangerous around people but with an unauthorised person acting in this manner, it is important that all steps are being taken care of and all issues are planned for.

There is no denying that many people would love to be a tree surgeon but this is a profession for people who get qualifications and work their way through the process in a correct manner. Cutting trees is fun but it should be left to the experts.