Rogue Tree Surgeons Are A Concern

One of the problems that blight a number of industries actually has nothing to do with the organisation or industry at all. This is because some scammers or fraudsters see an opportunity to make money and decide to latch on to the industry and take money from people who are duped by their presence. This is something that has been common in many roles involving the service industry and manual labour, and sadly, there have been incidents of rogue tree surgeons scamming residents out of their money.

The problem with this sort of situation is that some people in the general public will start to develop a negative association with tree surgeons. This would be harsh as the genuine tree surgeons, with qualifications and experience doesn’t deserve to be linked in with these criminals but you can see why people would make an assumption.

An 82 year old woman was scammed by rogue tree surgeons

A recent incident has occurred in Shoebury and an 82 year old woman has been scammed out of money by people claiming to be tree surgeons. The process started when flyers and leaflets were posted through doors in the local area offering the service. Essex Police believe that the firms listed on the leaflets are being used as a front by local criminals.

The elderly woman received the leaflet through her door and contacted the phone number listed on the flyer. She then received a visit from someone claiming to be a consultant and she was informed that the cost of pruning the tree would be £450. The woman immediately said that she wasn’t interested in the service at this price but the consultant made it clear he wasn’t going to leave the garden until a price had been agreed.

This left the woman feeling as though she was being intimidated into agreeing. There have been many instances of pressurised sales force over the years and this is where the line between bad business behaviour and criminal activity becomes blurred. In industries like double glazing or boiler services, there have been a lot of complaints about the high pressure sales tactics employed by professionals. It is often difficult for people to tell the difference between bad business behaviour and actual criminal behaviour.

After a fee of £280 was agreed, seven men turned up at the home and in the words of the woman, hacked the tree to pieces in a way that a qualified tree surgeon wouldn’t. The job was complete in around twenty minutes, leaving more of a mess than there had been in the first place.

It is essential that people should be aware that there are rogue traders operating as tree surgeons but equally, it is vital that people know that there are many professional and trustworthy tree surgeons operating in the industry. It is essential that tree surgeon firms that can be relied upon do what they can to ensure customers know who can be trusted and relied upon for all tree surgeon work.