Tree Surgeon Called Into Action After Blackburn Tree Falls

A family in Blackburn had a very fortunate escape after a tree trunk fell onto a spot where they had just parked their vehicle. This happened in Corporation Park with the tree falling in Park East Road in the city. The family of three had just parked their car but moved it after they realised they were initially parked on double yellow lines. The car was moved forward with the intention of avoiding a fine for being parked on these lines but in the end, it may have saved the family members from serious injury.

Shezmeen Munshi was out with her husband Azaz Chanda and their son Mousa Chanda when the incident happened. The tree trunk was around 30 feet long and it managed to block both sides of the road. There was notable damage to the railings of the park and a nearby wall, and this left the family in doubt that if the tree had fallen on them, they would have been at serious risk of injury.

Family had lucky escape after tree collapses

The family was in the park because their son Mousa wanted to feed the ducks which can be found in Corporation Park. This is a popular activity for many families so this is a stretch of road that will often see many people on it. This suggests that the incident could have been a lot worse, and this should serve as a reminder that it is important to be proactive with respect to the condition of trees.

The tree may have looked in good condition and that there was nothing to be alarmed about, but the fact that a tree could fall with no prior warning should be of concern. The council have arranged for a tree surgeon to come out and review the tree but there should be a thorough review of all of the trees in the local area. While there has been notable damage in the local area, this is a situation that could have been significantly worse, so in that regard, it was a lucky outcome. If a review of the trees in the local area raises any concerns, it should be take action and remove the risk of any further incidents arising. This is definitely something that has to be acted upon sooner rather than later.

A local councillor has promised to raise the issue and ensure that something is done about it. Cllr Hussain Akhtar has promised to enlist the tree surgeon employed by the council to run through a survey of trees in Corporation Park and make sure that there are no other trees in the local area which are at risk of collapsing. The councillor also cited a recent incident in Preston New Road, and this highlights concerns that there may be a number of issues with trees in the local area.

It is always best to be proactive when it comes to caring for trees and hopefully work undertaken in the light of this recent incident will improve safety in the local area.