Tree Surgeon Heading Out For Post Hurricane Clear Up

When you have skills, talent and experience, it is understandable that you will be in high demand. This is something that many tree surgeons have found. There is a wide range of skills utilised in the work of a tree surgeon and whether it is the confidence of working at height or the ability to work safely with a range of dangerous equipment, tree surgeons are needed in many places for all manner of work. This is why a tree surgeon from Moray is heading to Puerto Rico. This is one of the areas that has suffered thanks to Hurricane Irma and a quick estimate believes that there has been £750m worth of damage.

Andy McPherson was initially meant to fly out after the first wave of the hurricane hit but then a second hurricane, Hurricane Maria, delayed these plans. After the second hurricane, it was believed that the entire island was without power. When you take on board the fact that the island has a population of 2.5 million people, this is an awful lot of people whose daily lives are being affected by the hurricanes.

Dart International UK bringing relief around the world

The tree surgeon is working as part of a disaster relief charity, Dart International UK, and this specialist charity is now in its third year. While it would be better if there was no need for this organisation, the fact that they have undertaken work in South Pacific, Asia and West Africa indicates that there is a huge need for this level of support. Andy will be heading to Puerto Rico for two weeks, and he will be working alongside a number of professionals.

You may think that two weeks working in the Caribbean sounds live heaven but of course, this is a very difficult time in this part of the world and the work that Andy will do will hopefully help return things to normal. Much of Andy’s work will focus on clearing trees from roads and making sure access routes, paths and the grounds of hospitals and schools are clear. This work is a top priority in the wake of a hurricane, so Andy’s role is hugely important and hopefully it will have a positive impact in this part of the world.

This will be the second time that has been deployed in this style of role. He was previously utilised in Vanuatu, which is just off Australia, back in 2015. That area was affected by a cyclone and an earthquake, with a lot of devastation in the region.

Dart is a registered charity and it is virtually completely funded by the arborist industry in the United Kingdom. Even though there are trees all around the world, there are not too many organisations set up to make sure that a swift and reliable clean-up process in the event of a disaster. The work carried out by these professionals helps to get life back to normal as quickly as possible, which is definitely an important task in the modern day and age.