Tree Surgeon Makes The Wrong Call

While a lot of people think the idea of being a tree surgeon is a fun job, there is  no denying that there is a great deal of responsibility and often a touch of danger. There is often times when you have to work at heights, you are often dealing with tress that weigh a considerable lot and when you consider the cutting tools that a tree surgeon works with, health and safety is clearly a very important issue of their working routine. However, a tree surgeon knows that they have to make appraisals quickly and correctly, and if they make the wrong call, they can end up with a lot of criticism.

A tree surgeon is always going to do what they can to keep a tree in position. If a tree is healthy, a tree surgeon will recommend that it should stay in place, perhaps with some modifications taking place. If no problems arise, no one remembers that the tree surgeon was involved in the process. However, if a tree surgeon makes the call that a tree is good to remain in place, and a problem arises, then the tree surgeon comes in for a great deal of criticism and undue pressure. This is something that tree surgeons have to deal with and it gives them something else to think about when they are making big decisions.

Dead tree crushes cars

A situation in Basildon recently shows the problems that can arise when a tree surgeon makes a call that turns out to the incorrect decision. This is because a dead tree, which had previously been declared safe by a council approved tree surgeon, came down on two cars. The tree collapsed on to the cars, crushing them both, causing one of the trees to be written off while the other car has been badly damaged.

The owner of the car that was just badly damaged saw the tree falling from inside her home. When an incident like this happens, there is always a reaction to think about what might have been. This was an area that is often busy with children playing or heading home from school. In this regard, it was perhaps fortunate that the incident happened on a Sunday afternoon, although of course, there is rarely a positive time for trees to fall down and crash into vehicles.

Eye-witnesses who saw the tree after it had fallen down claimed that it was obvious that the tree was dead on the inside but of course, it is very easy to be wise after the event. There is no denying that the tree surgeon will be asked questions about their findings and whether they were negligent in their work or if this was just one of their things. At this point in time, the vehicle owners are dealing with the local council, and it is believed that the local council’s insurance will have to deal with the claims. It would be interesting to see if the local council then attempts to divert any financial burden on to the tree surgeon who passed the tree fit previously.