Tree Surgeon Scales Great Heights

While the majority of work undertaken by tree surgeons is to ensure the safety of trees and surrounding areas, there are times when these professionals are called upon to do other jobs. The skills that a tree surgeon has, which includes climbing trees and being able to work safely at great distances, can be utilised in other ways and this was the case recently when RSPCA Cymru called on the services of one local tree surgeon.

Lee Symes runs his own tree surgeon company and he hails from Blaenavon. He was called on by the local RSPCA to rescue a cat which was stuck up a 50 foot tree in New In. A member of the public had spotted the cat in the tree on Sunday the 13th of August and very quickly there was a call to action, and before you know it, a tree surgeon was making his way up the tree.
This wasn’t a quick job, with Symes spending 90 minutes up the tree safely removing the cat. Thankfully the cat was rescued and after an inspection from a local vet, it appears that the cat is doing well. The inspection also managed to uncover a microchip which made it possible to contact the owner, who came along to collect the cat and take it home. This story should also act as a reminder for pet owners to have their pets chipped if at all possible. Hopefully the information will never be needed but if it is, it can save a lot of time, hassle and heartache.

A Sunday service provides quick help

The fact that the tree surgeon attended on a Sunday indicates the level of service that many professionals offer and this is certainly something that people are thankful for. You are not going to class a tree surgeon as a professional who operates in the emergency services but there will be times when a tree surgeon is called out at short notice and in an emergency. While a tree surgeon is entitled to their downtime as much as any professional, this is an area of work where a swift response is often needed, and this is why it is good to know that there are tree surgeons who will operate quickly if required.

The tree surgeon, Lee Symes, spoke to local media saying; “This was certainly one of the more unusual jobs I’ve done. We’re happy we could help a cat in the local community.” There is definitely a great deal to be said for being flexible and having skills that can be utilised in a number of ways. When tree surgeons train for the role, it is unlikely that rescuing cats will be at the front of their mind but it is a story that crops up on occasion. You will sometimes find that it is professionals from the fire service that rescue cats from a great height but if you’re looking for a reliable service from an expert who is confident in dealing with trees and great heights, you will find that a tree surgeon is the ideal professional to call on.