Tree Surgeons Bring Busy Road To A Halt

You know that a problem must be serious when a local council is willing to take action over it. You also know that the problem must be extremely serious if a local council authority is willing to take action that will see people affected, routines disrupted and a busy road brought to a standstill. By and large, local councils would prefer to keep the status quo in place and if they can go about their business without bringing attention to themselves, all the better.

This indicates the issues that were affecting the town centre of Cheltenham that led to a team of tree surgeons being hired to cut back large trees. The affected area was Bayshill Road, one of the busiest roads in the local area, due to the fact that it connects to the junction located on St George’s Road. The road was blocked off from the town centre side to enable work to be carried out.

A team of tree surgeons carried out work

There were a number of professionals working in the area with one tree surgeon positioned up one of the larger trees. He was using a chain saw to remove large parts of the tree while colleagues working on the ground were then chopping up into smaller sections. While the work only took a couple of hours, it indicates the level of importance of the job when you take on board how many people were involved, and how much of an impact there was on the local community.

Diversions were put into place so hopefully there wasn’t too much disruption for the local community but clearly there was a concern about the condition of the trees and what would happen if they were to fall. There have been a number of stories across local media of late telling of falling trees and cars being smashed. A local council knows that this sort of incident can cost them a lot of money, not to mention a lot of bad-will from people, so it usually best to be proactive in these matters.

It is fair to say that a tree surgeon will do their best to keep a tree in place, which is why they will decide to remove large parts of the tree but still keep as much of the tree in place as they can. Unless a tree has to be removed, you’ll find tree surgeons doing what they can to provide an alternative solution or offer a workaround.

In this regard, while there was a day of inconvenience for many people in the local area, it is hoped that the outcome will be worth it. While the council has not provided any information as to the actual condition of the trees in the area, it would be fair to say that there was a pressing concern or need for action to be action.  After all, a local authority is unlikely to enlist the services of a tree surgeon unless they really have to!