Tree Surgeons Busy With Storm Caroline

We love to talk about the weather in the United Kingdom and it looks as though we are going to have a lot to talk about in the next couple of days. This is because Storm Caroline is making its way to the country and it is believed that some of the winds will reach close to 90 miles per hour.

There was an increase in the warning level issued by the Met Office, increase from yellow to amber. Certain parts of the country were issued with a “be prepared” alert and it looks as though winter is finally upon us. One thing that is apparent from this storm is that the entire country looks likely to be affected in some way or another. Northern Scotland was issued with the be prepared warning by the Met Office but there have also been plenty of areas in the South and London which are expected to be hit by high winds.

High Winds are expected around the UK

The north of England is bracing itself for winds that will reach about 45 to 50 miles per house while in the English capital; the winds are expected to reach speeds of 35 miles per hour. There have also been warnings issues to English coastal regions who are likely to be hit by strong winds.

One of the most common tips for dealing with Storm Caroline is to listen to the experts and seek help from the professionals. As you can imagine, this will be a very busy time of year for tree surgeons, so make sure you know which professionals are in your local area. If the issue looks to be an emergency impress the danger on them but if you are not overly concerned, it is worth getting in touch with these experts to seek any guidance they may offer.

Do not panic

It is important not to panic or worry at these times but equally, if you have trees on your property and the winds affect their condition, you need to take action. Even if the trees look in good condition, there may be problems inside the tree or in the roots so it never hurts to call on the experts for help and support.

Once the bad weather has calmed down, there is a need to make sure things are in good condition but there is also a need to plan ahead. You will find that it is best to be proactive when it comes to dealing with trees on your property and calling out the services of a tree surgeon makes perfect sense. This is a time of year when tree surgeons are busy, which is understandable, but there is definitely a great deal to be said for calling on them and making changes in your property.

Hopefully Storm Caroline won’t make too much of a difference to the UK in December of 2017 but there is a need to know that problems can arise around a person’s property if the conditions are challenging.