Tree Surgeons Ensure Polling Goes On

It would be fair to say that the build-up to the General Election of 2017 didn’t run too smoothly for many of the parties and of course, the fall-out of the results will likely rumble on for a very long time. Calling a snap General Election is the sort of thing that you should only do if you are confident about the outcome but of course, many unforeseen things can happen which change the way that the whole thing pans out. There will be a few people ruminating on that this morning but an advance warning sign of unpredictable issues impacting on voting intentions would have been found in South Norwood.

This is because a leisure centre in the area, which was being used as a polling station in the General Election had to be closed off for a while. This is because a tree fell onto a vehicle that was located outside of the building. There was a need for quick action and it didn’t take too long for police officers to attend, and arrange for a tree surgeon to arrive at the scene. There was a need to have the tree cut up and removed as quickly as possible, and this incident couldn’t have happened at a worse time given the importance of the location for the local vote.

News of the incident spread quickly

Given the way that social media runs people’s lives these days, it was no surprise to learn that news about the tree falling spread like wildfire. One witness, Julian Oram, managed to send a tweet questioning whether the tree crashing down should be seen as an omen when it comes to the polling station and the election overall. Your thoughts on that probably owe a lot to your perceptions of the vote but a lot of people would have held similar thoughts.

Thankfully, the leisure centre quickly confirmed that no one had been hurt due to the tree falling and the centre also confirmed that polling had not been impacted on in any way. This is another area where social media can be good and bad. It was important to get the word out about the polling station being unaffected, and social media is the ideal platform to share news like this. However, when pictures started to be shared of the tree outside of the leisure centre, it allowed for mischievous people to claim that polling was halted. Hopefully no one was deterred by any of the confusion that may have arisen in the wake of the incident.

While dealing with fallen trees and making areas safe is all in a day’s work for tree surgeons, this incident may have called for a slightly more urgent response. This is why it is vital that tree surgeons are found in all manner of locations, including inner city areas. Yes, you may associate tree surgeons with the countryside or dealing with gardens and domestic issues but wherever there are trees, there is a need for tree surgeons to be around.