Tree Surgeons Helps Save Parrot

Each animal has its own attributes and qualities that help it to lead their life in the best possible manner. Over time, an animal may evolve new traits or characteristics, particularly based on their surroundings, but there are some factors that you consider to be instrumental when it comes to the behaviour and general activity of an animal, creature or a mammal. After all, when you think about a bird, many things may come to mind, but it is likely you will think about how it can fly, and what a fantastic attribute this is to have in life.

However, there are times when a bird cannot do what comes naturally to them, and they may need help from people. This is what happened recently when a pet parrot was stuck at the top of a large tree. You would think that the parrot would have just flown to safety, and in most circumstances, this is what would have happened, but it couldn’t happen on this occasion because the parrot had damaged its feathers, rendering it unable to fly to safely.

Sometimes birds need help at high altitude

This sort of situation can have a massive impact and when it looked as though the parrot was also bleeding, it was clear that action had to be taken to assist the bird. This was when a tree surgeon was called upon to help Zasu the parrot who was discovered in a tree after escaping from their family residence in Urmston.

The pet’s owner first of called a tree surgeon and the RSPCA but it was found that more significant help was required to reach the bird. This led to a call to the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. The tree was so tall that a cherry picker was required in to reach Zasu. Thankfully there was a happy ending to the tale in that the bird survived and is now on the mend, but it shows the sort of jobs that a tree surgeon may end up having to do.

A tree surgeon must carry out a wide range of work

There is extensive training involved with becoming a tree surgeon and the clear majority of this training will focus on analysing the health of trees and how to work in a safe and effective manner. However, there will be times when a tree surgeon must aid in other ways and this is definitely the sort of thing that requires outside of the box training.

You’ll find that most tree surgeons are able to offer flexibility in dealing with situations and this is down to the fact that they have so many possible roles to take care of. There are no two days on the job that are the same for tree surgeons, which is certainly something that helps to keep the role exciting and interesting. Not every day sees tree surgeons helping parrots, but it isn’t that uncommon in the grand scheme of things.